Sell to retail stores with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE!

​Discover the
​that will turn 35 categories
of gift and independent retailers
into eager wholesale accounts
​calling & emailing you
re-orders, all year long?

Finally, shockingly simple, fool-proof
tactics on making good money
by selling to gift and independent retailers!

...from a successful 'independent gift sales rep' veteran!

"Whether you make or distribute (or import) specialty foods,
candles, jewelry, handmade soap, crafts, confections, dolls,
post cards, greeting cards, knick knacks, pottery - ceramics,
stuffed animals, t-shirts, souvenirs, housewares,
or even publish regional or "gift appropriate" book titles...
I will take the mystery out of selling to retailers!
(And help grow your business to an ENTIRELY new level matter where you live!)"

~ Sandy Dell, "Gift Rep Sandy"

Greetings from Idaho!

Ever walked into a retail store with your prized wares - the ones you designed and/or created from concept to production - cradled in your arms? All the while hoping the store buyer will feel as excited about your line as you do?

As you walk in, you envision a happy, excited customer ordering several cases (or pallets), and promising to merchandise your products prominently near the cash register, since (of course) your goodies "are just what I was looking for!".

Retailers are NOT always friendly
to new manufacturers!

Well, your little fantasy scenario CAN happen (and you should hold that vision!). But the more likely scenario is - you will get politely (or not so politely) told "NO! Not interested, thank you for stopping by!," about 10 seconds into your conversation - with some vague excuse as to why. Then you watch their southern exposure as you walk back through the front door, with your virtual tail between your legs.

Not only can this experience be humiliating, but the perception of failure, and painful rejection, may dampen your enthusiasm for the entire business, or at least selling wholesale.

Success at retail shows does not
automatically translate to wholesaling!

Maybe, like me, you've exhibited at craft shows, fairs, or other events with a booth where people ooohed and aaahed over your specialty or gourmet food, greeting card line, soap, candles, jewelry, or pottery -- and even came back for more! And many friends and customers suggested you start selling to retail gift shops (or other stores), and really get your products "out there!".

"These are really great. You have a winner!", they assure you, with supportive confidence. "You should sell to gift shops!"

Without training, initial success selling to ​retailers
might mask mistakes... that you may pay for later !!

So you finally do it... walk into a store, all excited, but nervous. Maybe even wobbly legs. And get rejected. Or even worse (although you may not think so at the time), they agree to take your products "on consignment".

And if you don't know what you're doing, you might quote a wholesale price TOO LOW, and are now stuck working very hard, for little money. Or just as bad, you OVER-priced - and either never got any orders at all...or even if you did, no re-orders. (PS Success is in the re-orders!)

Plus, there's the risk you might never get paid, since retailers typically expect "Net 30" or similar terms (so you must wait for a check). And if they sense you are a newbie, and you don't get a signature... you might be TOAST!! Do you know what steps to take, to protect yourself?

Well, you simply don't need to operate in an information void! Let me get you started in the right direction, so you can walk into a retail shop with complete confidence, and know what to say, what to offer, and increase your odds of success exponentially!

PS Don't forget there are 7 (seven) critical bonus materials that come WITH this valuable resource.  More details on!

Why I am the right person to help you succeed!

January of 2001, I've operated Idaho Gifts Wholesale, representing products for a wide variety of small business, much like yours, to independent retail stores of every description.  Actually, I started the business originally as Lewis Clark Gifts & Souvenirs, in anticipation of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemoration, now long past, but that's a story for another day!)

In my capacity as an independent sales rep, I've personally called on over 1250 retail outlets of some kind (and I have the database to prove it), primarily gift and independent stores, plus stores in over 30 retail categories. And over the years, I've received at least one order from 459 of those, and personally received many dozens of orders each, to well over 200 of those retailers. Over the years, I've scaled back and eventually retired (sold the business), but  I still maintained a regular wholesale customer base of about 120 to 130 retailers. Plus a few dozen more long-distance wholesale accounts who found my keyword-rich web site (before I sold the business) and ordered without me ever walking into their stores.

Successful lines I've "repped" over the years
, include:

* a wide variety of gourmet and specialty foods (especially wild huckleberry stuff),
* greeting cards
​* personal care products (handmade soap, lip balms, massage oil),
* post cards,
* regional books,
* souvenirs (mugs, spoons, t-shirts),
* handicrafts,
* art prints,
* woodcrafts,

* candles,
* confections,
* home decor
* Christmas ornaments,
* stuffed animals,
* imported "kiddie" specialty merchandise,
* ceramics and pottery,
* novelty knick-knacks
* jewelry,
* pet gifts,
* and more!

Like YOU, we ALSO make stuff to sell to ​retailers!

A tiny bit of background on how I got here. My husband, Malcolm, helped me launch the repping business in early 2001. In late 2002, he branched off, creating a line of our OWN gourmet products, mostly specialty foods such as BarbieQ Sauce and Hairy Habanero Catsup. But also personal care products such as huckleberry lip balms and homemade gift soap for men. Some of our lines are still selling, at both wholesale and online retail, under the brands IDAHO REDNECK and Gold Mountain Gourmet.

​So like you, we see wholesaling to gift stores through the eyes of a producer, PLUS as reps calling on large numbers of retailers.   

We've successfully coached others in wholesaling!

Over the years, we've personally counseled a dozen of our "producer" friends and associates on how to improve and expand their wholesale business. Plus, nearly 10 years ago, I started my blog, which has helped hundreds of small producers get started. And I sponsor an active LinkedIn group now with ​7,808  (and growing!) followers!

After dozens of requests from friends and blog followers for an information resource on "how to sell to gift shops", we decided to bite the bullet! After weeks of writing (and more weeks of editing by Malcolm), the  87-page 'COMPLETE E-GUIDE for Selling to Gift and Independent Retailers)' is now available for immediate delivery!
  (Along with a few cool bonuses you will download, too...)

What you will discover in this 
COMPLETE E-GUIDE for selling to gift and independent retailers!

In this value-packed resource, you will find HUNDREDS of practical tips, techniques, stories, and how-to tactics that REMOVE the fear and anxiety of walking into (or contacting) a retail store and getting a buyer, manager, or owner to carry your line.

For example, you will discover all you need to know about:


  • The five best ways to LOCATE independent and smaller retail outlets!
  • 29 TYPES of shops (plus SIX MORE you need to know about)!
  • The three EASIEST gift store ‘segments’ to sell to!
  • And much more…!​​


  • The BIG FIVE types of presentation materials you need before you start selling!
  • Developing your "story-telling" mindset!
  • How to lay out the all important “pitch” book!
  • Generic sales "order books" vs. order forms... and which to use when!
  • Cold-calling vs. appointments… and which one is usually best!
  • How to take GREAT product photos!
  • What you MUST do before meeting the store manager or buyer!
  • Key elements of the SALES PRESENTATION!
  • The 8 (or 9) pieces of information you must put on your wholesale sales flyers! (And in what order!)
  • How to introduce samples during your presentation!
  • A little trick with “order books” that will save you a bunch of time!
  • The “R-B-R Principle” and how it makes buyers look forward to your next visit!
  • How to deal with requests for geographic “exclusivity”!
  • The importance of persistence!
  • And much more…!


  • How to price your products for wholesaling!
  • Setting a gross profit margin!
  • How to “cost” your products for the long term!
  • Understanding smaller retailer pricing policies!
  • COST-PLUS vs. MARKET pricing analysis!
  • And much more…!


  • Best ways to sweeten the pot (and reduce the risk) for the wholesale store buyer! 
  • Tips for CLINCHING THE SALE!  
  • How to know when to SHUT UP and just take the order!  
  • Pros and Cons of extending “Net 30” terms!  
  • 3 top reasons buyers DON’T buy (even when they should)! 
  • Dealing with the perception of rejection!  
  • ‘After the sale’ tips that set you apart from the crowd!  
  • When to require a “trade credit application” 
  • And much more…!  


  • Setting up a shipping fulfillment center!  
  • Personal delivery vs. shipping with UPS, USPS, or FedEx!  
  • Why the best shipping method for retail orders is different than for wholesale!  
  • Handling the delicate matter of handling charges (including insurance)!  
  • Who pays for shipping? 
  • Packing your shipments to minimize damage!  
  • Invoices vs. packing slips… why and when?  
  • Where to find bagfuls of USED packing materials (and save money)! 
  • And much more…!  


  • Setting up your bookkeeping systems!  
  • Things to include in a customer database you never thought of!  
  • How to SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE RE-ORDERS using a simple calling schedule!  
  • And much more…!  


  • How to handle late payments!  
  • A simple mindset to keep customers happy when collecting (and get payments faster)!  
  • How to collect 70-80% of late payments with one phone call! 
  • And much more…!  


  • The two absolute best times of the year to launch new products!  
  • How to sell wholesale to web retailers!  
  • Catalogs, direct mail letters, and postcards!  
  • How to use the phone effectively for orders and re-orders!  
  • A short primer on selling to long distance accounts!  
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) displays and “shelf talkers”!  
  • Pros and cons of toll-free 800 numbers for customer service AND even fax lines!  
  • Using email and newsletters to keep in touch with customers!  


One truly special thing you get from this E-Guide (and bonus resources), is the perspective of TWO very different minds. Malcolm is a big picture person, a strategist, who loves to design and develop business systems (and is VERY good at it!). I am a tactical person. I love to follow a proven system, and sell, and develop successful long-term relationships.

Frankly, selling wholesale is not something either of us might have excelled at by ourselves, at least not right out of the chute without a resource like this one. There was simply no blueprint to do what we now do! But as a result of working together, with two very different perspectives, we've created a winning team and a successful business.

Now YOU can benefit from this dual perspective - a rich point-of-view and blueprint you will find in no other resource on the subject. This is the resource I wish I had when I started!

Between the two of us (we both work in aspects of each other's businesses), we offer a combined 27 years as reps, and 21 years as specialty food entrepreneurs. That's 48 years of combined total experience including the perspective as both a producer and a rep. All through the eyes of two very different business personalities. Now yours, in this Complete E-Guide for Selling Wholesale to Gift Shops!

But wait, that's not all! (Oh boy, now I sound like an infomercial... please forgive me!)

I am also offering you EIGHT
valuable wholesaling mini-bonuses!

When we started our company, we were not completely sure what some paperwork and forms should even look like. We've removed some of the fuzziness on this topic, by offering you a handful of "paper trail" items we believe will help.

Sometimes just the little things make a MASSIVE difference in your frustration level.

Note, there is NOTHING REALLY FANCY here... just basic stuff, but stuff that evolved over years of trial and error. These forms and fliers and resources enjoy a history of usefulness through thousands of orders from hundreds of stores. So there is value. Note that we are NOT attorneys, so these are just basic information, but some forms are a great starting point for taking to your attorney and saving hours of costs at $200 an hour.

(Of course, these all evolved a bit over time - we rarely hit the mark, right out of the chute! But now YOU can benefit from our hard-earned lessons, which are available for immediate download after your purchase of the 'Selling Wholesale to Gift and Independent Retailer' E-Guide.

Your EIGHT FREE bonuses 
($209 aggregate value) include

(for immediate download):

  1. Sample Sales Flyers (PDF) 
  2. Editable Sales Flyer Templates (MS Word) 
  3. Sample Invoices & MATCHING Packing Slips (PDF) 
  4. Sample Trade Credit Application (PDF) 
  5. Editable Trade Credit Application(MS Word) 
  6. Editable Consignment Form (MS Word) 
  7. Consignment Done Right! (mini eguide)
  8. Websites for Wholesaling (mini eguide)

Anyway, your bonus list ($209 value) of 8 resources includes
(for immediate download):

  • Sample Sales Flyers (PDF)

This is a companion resource to our section in the eGuide on the CRITICAL INFORMATION and necessary order of that information, on an effective sales flyer. These are actual flyers we use. While these are nothing fancy, they are primarily to illustrate the points about what you need to convert store buyers into customers.

  • Editable Sales Flyer Templates (MS Word)

Some basic template ideas, for how and where to place photos, terms, descriptions, etc on a well designed sales flyers. Since these are in MS Word, they might work for your first outing or two... but you will want to upgrade to a REAL graphics program ASAP. We use MS Publisher, which is very functional, and offers all the bells and whistles you will need (and easy to learn)... but those of you with an artistic bent may want to use something more sophisticated, or hire a graphic artist who can help you out. We like to design our own materials, so we can make changes on the fly. For example, when we up prices, change terms or quantities, or add or remove products from our lines. (Or in my case as a rep, when one of my clients does even one of these changes.)

  • Sample Invoices  MATCHING Packing Slips (PDF)

Again, to complement our discussion in the eGuide on what the difference is between a packing slip and an invoice, how to use each, what information to include (and NOT include), and how these two critical bookkeeping and logistics forms are connected, both at your end, and the customer's end.

  • Sample Trade Credit Application (PDF)

Since virtually ALL business to business (B2B) industries operate on "Net" terms, which require providing credit to customers, it behooves you to protect yourself. Just fill in your own business name and contact info, and you can then immediately exhibit credibility to a retailer. They expect you to fill out an application, and all good producers will require one. This basic form, which we've found works very well in our business, illustrates the information you should have on file in case of default, or failure to pay, by one of your customers. PS As you grow, a certain percentage will go out of business every year. Sometimes your "receivable" (their "payable") will go with them... part of the cost of doing business. This form protects you in two ways:

  1) You have access to (and permission to call) business references to check out PRIOR to accepting Net terms from this business.
  2) If the company REFUSES to fill out an application, this is a MAJOR RED FLAG! Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. Get payment in advance. Always!

  • Editable Trade Credit Application (MS Word)

This is an editable version of the Sample Trade Credit Application from above, available to you in MS Word... very handy when you are starting out, and may be all you ever need. Certainly, you should run it by your legal counsel, but handing him or her this to start with, instead of paying them $200 an hour from scratch, will save you time and legal fees​.

  • Consignment Done Right! mini eguide

Malcolm and I offer strong opinions about consignment. However, you may choose to start this way, or maintain consignment relationships over a long period.

So, Malcolm and I have expanded our consignment section and grouped it into a whole new mini eguide! So, should you decide to consign, this is a must read!

Topics included in this eguide:

  1. Why Consignment is Usually a Bad Idea
  2. Four Situations Where Consignment IS a Great Idea
  3. Consignment Pricing
  4. The Consignment Agreement  
  5. “Professional Guidelines" Consignment Contract Overview
  • Editable Consignment Form (MS Word)

And .... in addition to the PDF instructional materials, I have expanded the mini guide to include THREE agreements as well! .

Regardless of your reasons for consigning merchandise, these forms will help protect you. After all, you are leaving your beloved inventory in the hands of someone with NO INVESTMENT in your products (and without a written agreement... NO LIABILITY!!!) PS You should also have them fill out a trade credit application... just in case. These consignment form makes it easy to add contact info for both parties, sign and date. You WILL sleep better at night. And again, we suggest you run this past your legal counsel, and again, this will save you money over paying them $200 an hour to write from scratch.

  • Websites for Wholesaling mini eguide

Do you know the difference between a retail and a wholesale website? And why having a fully functional WHOLESALE ONLY website is much to your advantage?

Malcolm and I wrote another very informative ebook (which we could easily sell separately) on the topic of "wholesale" web sites. The reason? The tactics and technology of a site used to sell wholesale to retailers are different than for a standard ecommerce site selling to consumers.

 ​With this additional bonus resource you may start leveraging key opportunities to expand beyond your direct selling efforts into the ONLINE environment. When you are ready to sell wholesale with a website, this will get you started! Increasingly, retail shop owners prefer to order online, without playing phone tag, or wading through your note taking over the phone.

Things you will learn:

  •   3 ways to manage wholesale ordering online!
  •   Why you should do KEYWORD ANALYSIS before putting up your site!
  •   Why you need a separate web site for wholesaling!
  • ​  Why quality photos are your best selling tool for buyers!
  •   The BIG FOUR social networking sites, and why you MUST be signed up!
  •   What blogging and article marketing do for your online traffic!
  •   Why video is the next big thing… even for “catalog” sites like yours!
  •   A secret tip for DRAMATICALLY improving sales conversions on your site!
  •   3 BIG sources for inbound traffic links!
       And MUCH more!

Well, now I suppose it's "last call", or time for me to ante up, and tell you what we are asking for this wealth of practical information!

I could easily sell the COMPLETE E-GUIDE for Selling to Gift and Independent Retailers for $197 (even without the bonus materials). There is nothing else like it on the market! And the information is exhaustive.

The seven bonuses are valued at $209 collectively. And at least two of them will save you AT LEAST $200 at the lawyers office. The total package, if you could even get all this information individually or together, ANYWHERE else, is worth $406.

Of course, you know I'm going to make you a deal! After all, I AM in sales (and I hope you will use my information and these tactics to become WILDLY successful selling your own wonderful products to retail stores!).

I ask only a conservative $67 for this entire package of information!

That's less than the NET PROFIT you would make on one, at most two very small, first orders
to retail shops, even if your line is pretty small. In fact, my guarantee is this:

READ the Complete E-Guide. Put the information to work in your business, and if you do not land a sale to a retailer within 90 days, ask for your money back, and I will CHEERFULLY refund your full purchase price. AND YOU MAY KEEP THE BONUS MATERIALS as my personal 'thank you' for just trying out the information.

But wait!

  • So here we go again, the price RIGHT NOW is....
    NOT $406 (Package value)
    NOT $197 (Guide value alone)
    NOT $67 (My regular discounted package price) 

... And available for immediate download... well actually, you get an email that directs you to the download page.

PS You do NOT need to be a member of PayPal to purchase
using ANY of the four credit cards listed above! Look for a link that says
"Don't have a Paypal Account?"

If I help you make just ONE MEDIOCRE SALE to a gift shop or other retail store, this blueprint will MORE THAN pay for itself ... and you will do MUCH better than that - I personally guarantee it!

If I can create a successful, long-term lifestyle business in a rural state like Idaho, while working from home, near a small town (Orofino, Idaho - population 3000), you can make this information work for your business too, regardless of where you live!

Your copy of the Complete E-Guide, plus ALL ​EIGHT BONUSES are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD, by clicking below, and following the directions.


Sandy Dell
"Gift Rep Sandy"

PS We also have two GREAT additional resources for sale.

Below are the links to the sales websites for these resources... but before you buy any of them (hint, hint), if you buy the Complete eGuide, you will shortly get an offer to buy ANY or ALL of these at a discount. YOU CAN SAVE UP TO AN ADDITIONAL $27 on these other resources, by buying the eGuide NOW! A followup email will describe the savings in more detail.

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​Or check out our Special 'SuperSaver' eGuide Packages on all of the above products:

Regardless, I hope to help as many of you as possible achieve success in your wholesaling efforts. As my repping career winds down, I need some "atta girls" to keep me warm and fuzzy (although Malcolm does a pretty good job too!).

(Note that after purchase, your upcoming monthly credit card statement will show PayPal "Niche Innovation" as the source of your purchase... this is the business name on our PayPal merchant account!) NOTE: You do NOT need to be a member of PayPal to get your copy... and we take all four of the major credit cards:

(along with Seven Bonuses!)

​You have nothing to lose, results are guaranteed or we PROMPTLY refund your investment! Click the eGuide cover image above now, for your own blueprint to stress-free, wholesaling success. And THANKS for your interest and time. If you read this far, I really appreciate your passion for this topic.;-)